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Mulberry Silk Hijab - Burgundy

Designer: SANZAA

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Introducing our luxury hijabs- The Mulberry Silk Hijab Collection. Set your eyes on these classy scarves made to make you the centre of attraction at the most richest functions. These silky beauties have a soft, velvety finish on the top side that has a beautiful, sheen, ocean wet look. The underside differs, it's silky with more grip to ensure your styles stay put throughout your important day or night with a pin or two. This fabric is airy and flowy so fold and drape to your upmost perfection. This Hijab is fully opaque once folded and is lightweight so you don't have to sacrifice comfort for coverage when you can have both! These scarves are the definition of elegance so pair them with a beautiful occasional outfit and your best jewelry. So what are you waiting for? Ornate yourself with this luxury hijab range. Scarf has subtle, colour-coordinated, neat line stitching around the perimeter of the hijab. This rich, deep burgundy red screams fine dining and twinkling, dark rubies. This colour would be a stunning addition to elevate your luxury wear paired with some gold jewlery.

  • Measurements: Approx 180cm x 97cm
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Fabric: 100% Silk
  • Colour: Dark Red


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