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Lavender Crinkle Chiffon Hijab

Designer: SANZAA

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Feel the luxury in our Crinkle Chiffon Collection. This range has the same brilliance as its sister- Chiffon, it's lightweight, flowy, strong and durable, a timeless investment. However there's some things that elevate the position and feel of our Crinkle Chiffon to the top tier. These hijabs feature fine pleated detail along its luxurious lengths of silky, smooth fabric. This texture gives the hijab more dimension, body and flow so the scarf stands stunning alone. This divine fabric is lightweight but holds a tad more weight compared to our Chiffons for the extra luxurious, quality feel. It's thin and breezey yet 100% opaque once folded so you can ensure modesty while still looking elegant and comfortable throughout the day. Style it as minimal as you like, it will still give an elegant finish on casual days and has potential to elevate luxury wear to a stunning level. A princess on any occasion needs a Crinkle Chiffon. You need to touch this hijab to believe us! Scarf has subtle, colour-coordinated, neat line stitching around the perimeter of the hijab. This lavender shade will add a pop of colour to your look but don't worry this shade is not too bright and won't overpower your outfit... perfect!

  • Measurements: Approx 182cm x 68cm 
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Fabric: 100% Polyester
  • Colour: Purple

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