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Mexican Sand | Luxury Cotton Modal Hijab

Designer: SANZAA


Look! It's our Luxury Cotton range! This gorgeous cotton blended fabric, that flows beautifully, is perfect for dressing up simple everyday tops or luxurious evening dresses. Alternatively dress it down for an effortlessly chic look that will never go out of season. Truly, this range has endless styling possibilities. Don't forget this collection gets its name through its 20% incorporated modal for extra incomparable softness. Feel the difference in this scarf. Feel warm, cosy and satisfied while also gaining the volume you want and need for styling. Make this close to neutral shade your go to scarf! This elegant neutral has a bit of warmth making it flattering for warmer skin tones. It's best friend in similar essence is- Swiss Coffee (within this collection) so look for out for that too!

  • Measurement Approx: 201cm x 101cm
  • Shape: Rectangle - Maxi
  • Composition: 80% Cotton, 20% Modal
  • Colour: Light Brown-Grey

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